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  • Inga Sempe creates some beautifully understated yet unique work. What I love about it, is the subtle nostalgia. Design has the power to tap into past positive emotion through nostalgia but as a designer, replicating is clearly a no-go zone.
    Whilst so many designers draw upon nature for inspiration, I wonder how often it is moreso linked to past emotion and our childhood fascination with the natural world. Perhaps this sense of nostalgia is echoed in more design creations than we first realise. 
    Back to Inga Sempe though, her 'Canape Ruche' seems to me to directly connect to that sense of home comfort, indeed the 'comforter' (internal to the bed quilt cover), for her lounge series. 
    In an interview in 2007, she spoke about nostalgia in reference to her 'La Chapelle' table series; "After I had designed the first side tables in the series, I realised that the graphic structure resembling that of the nice garbage bins in the Luxembourg garden in Paris, a place that I remember since my childhood." (http://davidreport.com/200703/conversation-around-a-dining-table-by-inga-sempe/)
    We can't avoid being influenced by our past experience, but it seems even garbage bins can have positive emotional connections and drive successful design- who would have thought?

    Canape Ruche and La Chapelle by Inga Sempe.  images: http://www.ingasempe.fr/  

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