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  • People have asked me what I spoke about at Parallels, so I thought I'd share a little with you here; 

    The digital and the virtual is in many days the opposite of our whole bodily and emotional knowledge. The digital forms that we become seemingly immersed in, has actually stripped away the tactile, bodily knowledge, a sense of place, history and individuality. I think my work is a response to this, to highlight the beauty of the tactile, the beckon the viewer to touch and engage with the object, with it’s textures, its rawness, irregularities and inconsistencies.

    And it is here that I believe my sensibilities are more craft-based. I attempt to bridge this to create more meaningful everyday objects that reconnect to a world where objects are filled with stories, a history, agentic power and embue the user with a humility. A reminder of it’s enduring nature. Often with a sense of history or nostalgia, but also look to the future and one gets the sense that these objects have their own stories to tell. It isn’t about fashion, but enduring emotional connections as is most obvious in the 'Endless Quilt' and 'The Unforgotten' projects.

    I aim to take a much more experiential and mentally engaging opportunity to create personal objects of kinship, being that of a family or a community or city. The aim with my recent works was to produce something of the ‘past’, certainly with a hint of nostalgia – yet through technological processes that are firmly rooted in contemporary digital practice. 

    L-R credits:  Instagram images via @mjr_coaster and @nava_visualarts

    This project (attendance to the conference) has been funded by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts. 

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