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  • Earlier this month legendary Paula Antonelli, Museum of Modern Art design curator spoke at the Octogon Theatre, WA on the politics of design. Based on the Dunne and Raby "a/b" manifesto, she spoke about the changing role of design in making the audience think, question, provoke and speak about consumption itself. 
    She told her story on deciding when, and what the implications would be, to stop the nutrients being delivered to the 'coat' made of body tissue in the "Victimless Leather- A prototype of Stitchless Jacket gown in a Technoscientific body" installation by Tissue and Culture Art Project (Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr). Confronting stories, fascinating projects and an entertaining talk.
    Paula believes we are moving away from the functional role of design towards a critical design phase that makes us question our world of 'things' and our relationship to it. Of course, I agree with everything this woman says, but then, who in their right mind would disagree with this design behemoth. 

    L-R image credits; Dunne and Raby "a/b" manifesto dunneandraby.co.uk; Paula Antonelli Photo by P. Forlano; 'Victimless Leather' via pinterest. And despite the play on scalePaula is not wearing the victimless leather jacket from the exhibition. 


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