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  • It’s not every day you get a PhD awarded to you, but this month I was fortunate enough to receive the award for my creative production and research project “Making Custodians; A Design Anthropology Approach to Designing Emotionally Enduring Built Environment Artefacts”. In short, it uses anthropological approaches and research to propose ways in which new artefacts can be designed to encourage sustainable consumption practices. I look at the domestic-scaled furniture to public scaled architecture, sculpture and public art. 

    Thanks to my family and all these people who helped be on my journey;  my supervisors and colleagues such as @jessicapriemus @reneejparnell @vanessa_galvin @maximusprimordial @nancyspanbroek @fionaharman @marinalommerse @theadelaidehipster @_cachet__ for believing in me. Thanks to @formwa @perthairport @woodsbagot @elisabettaguj the Department of Education, Dept of Finance, Maggie Baxter, Jenny Beahan, #jcyarchitects @carolyn_karnovsky_photography Ellie and Elizabeth Parker for supporting and commissioning me in the creative practice components of my study. The list can go on and on. But all mentioned are particularly special. Thank you all. 

    #PHD #publicart #publicartist #research #artist #designer #westernaustralia #designanthropology #architecture #anthropology #design #creative

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